Backgammon Blitz and How to Do It Effectively - The blitz strategy of backgammon is the perfect playing style for those who want to win and their matches short and intense.

How to Be an Effective Tournament Backgammon Player - Backgammon tournaments offer distinct experiences for players, who in turn must ensure that they will make their experience a fruitful one.

Instructions for Backgammon Board Setup - The board setup for backgammon may be one of the most complicated to do but with enough focus and study, one can make the process trouble-free.

Instructions for an Effective Holding Game Backgammon Strategy - The holding game strategy in backgammon is all about seeking the crucial points in the board and holding them throughout the game - hence its name.

Instructions for the Rules and Game play of Backgammon - Learning the rules and regulation of backgammon is crucial for those who intend to play the game the right way, right away.

Instructions on How to Play the Different Backgammon Variants - These three variants offer three unique ways of playing backgammon and three distinct perspectives that will make one appreciate the game more.

The 101s of the Running Game Strategy in Backgammon - The running game strategy in backgammon is all about making a dash for the finish line for one's pieces in the game.

The Basics of the Priming Game Strategy in Backgammon - The priming game strategy is the best tactic for those who are aiming to play a defensive game of setting up walls and hindering enemy movements.

The Game of Backgammon and Its Game Set - The game set of backgammon contains quite more than those of the other board games which makes getting acquainted with each one of them important.

The Nitty-Gritty of Backgammon Betting - Backgammon betting is the variant to learn and play if one is seeking a fresh, unique, and exciting way of playing the board game.

The Origin of Backgammon - Backgammon is believed to be the oldest board game known to man. It's origin dates back to the ancient times about 5000 years ago.

Tips and Instructions on How to Play Backgammon Effectively - The tips for backgammon are great for understanding and appreciating the numerous concepts that abound in the world of backgammon.

Total Extravaganza; Special Backgammon Sets You Have to See to Believe - The world is full of novelties and so is the world of Backgammon sets. Discover the most extravagant and the most hilarious special Backgammon sets only here and decide on which to avail.

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