Total Extravaganza; Special Backgammon Sets You Have to See to Believe

Crazes, trends and fads have always dominated the consumer world in this day and age. There is nothing that is too large or too small or even too expensive, as long as it is humanly possible to make, it will definitely be made. Inventors and artists spend days, months, and even years creating and inventing new forms of appearances and the game of Backgammon is not exempted from those creations. Experience the total Backgammon set extravaganza with special Backgammon sets that you truly have to see to believe.

One of the most eccentric and at the same time hilarious Backgammon sets is the Styrofoam set. Nobody really knows who invented it, but it certainly leaves room for good laughs and it comes in an even cheaper price than the usual Backgammon sets. After playing with it, you can even use it as a sponge or as a pillow.

This Backgammon set is not so much eccentric and extravagant, but certainly comes out of the mind of a true Backgammon lover. This Backgammon set is concealed within a table. This table can be opened and voila, you have your special Backgammon set ready to play.

Another special Backgammon set that you have to see to believe is a special Backgammon set made entirely out of glass. These special Backgammon sets are not only very expensive but also very breakable, so this special Backgammon set should better only be looked at rather than used for playing a Backgammon game.

An extravagant and special Backgammon set is the themed Backgammon set. This includes themes like environments, ancient figures, popular culture, movies and so on and so forth. There are even Lord of the Rings and other popular movie themed special Backgammon sets. These special Backgammon sets usually are made in a limited number and are part of limited edition promotions, so the chances of getting one of the themed Backgammon sets are very slim.

The ultimate extravagant and special Backgammon set is hardly available on our planet because the demand is too small and the price is too big. We are talking about the genuine silver and gold Backgammon sets. These sets are made out of real silver or gold, and sometimes even both and cost a fortune. The price often depends on the price of gold in relation to dollars and this special Backgammon set has to be requested to be made. There are only a few Backgammon set makers that actually embark on the difficult and costly task of making this special Backgammon set.

As you may have noticed, the Backgammon world is full of novelties and special Backgammon sets. Who knows, maybe Backgammon sets will be made out of recyclable materials in the near future, but as far as the present goes, you clearly have a large choice on which special Backgammon set to acquire.



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