The Game of Backgammon and Its Game Set

Being a board game, it is of utmost importance for backgammon players, particularly the new ones, to get acquainted with the game's board and with the other tools included in popular board game's game set.

The game set for backgammon typically include the game board, thirty pieces of game pieces which are equally divided among two colors, two pairs of dice, and other optional items such as two dice shakers and a doubling cube.

Game boards used for the game of backgammon come in numerous sizes but for those who are intending to play the game comfortably it is very much advised to use large-sized game boards so as to facilitate easy use. The game board is divided into two areas, the inner board and the outer board. These two areas are separated by a divider which is referred to in backgammon parlance as the bar. There is no established rule that indicates which of the two areas will be the designated inner or outer board. The traditional rule is to designate the board closest to the light or window to be the inner board while the other one will be the outer.

At first glance, one can already notice the abundance of long triangle imprints on the board. They are called points and there are a total of twenty-four such patterns all across the table. Such patterns are equally distributed among the inner and the outer part of the game set's backgammon board.

The next important components of a backgammon game set are the game pieces. Not unlike those that are used in the game of checkers, the game pieces in backgammon are also divided among two colors and are typically round-shaped. Though they can always come in any color, backgammon pieces often come in black and white which is why the two opposing sides in the game are referred as such.

Apart from the board and pieces, a game set of the popular board game also typically contains two pairs of dice for the two players to use. However, it is important to note that in matches where money is at stake, it is customary for each player to use the same pair of dice so as to eliminate any form of bias or advantage that may arise from using different dice.

Other than the aforementioned essentials, game sets can also contain additional paraphernalia such as a doubling cube and dice shakers. These tools are not that vital for playing the board game though they are helpful in making one's gaming experience more convenient and enjoyable. There are also backgammon variants that use particular tools such as the doubling cube which makes getting game sets containing such extra instruments a good decision.

With backgammon's game set typically containing more than those of an average board game, it will be best for new players to be familiar with the different equipments that compose a typical game set of the popular board game.



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