The 101s of the Running Game Strategy in Backgammon

As with anything that has got to with the ultimate game that is life, it pays to have a clear-cut goal positioned ahead of one's self and it would be even more beneficial if one has figured out the best way to reach this goal. Much is the same with the game of backgammon, where there is the definite goal of bearing off all of one's chips and one will also be better off if one reckons the best way to reach that goal.

The best ways to reach to reach these goals that may vary from player to player is called strategy and it is up to the players which one will they use, a decision which may be based on their playing style and/or the circumstances that may arise.

One of such backgammon strategies is the running game type. Before anything, it is important to point out that this strategy, the running game strategy in backgammon. is only one among the countless strategies that can be employed in a game of backgammon. Furthermore, there is no point of restraining one's self within these strategy archetypes as one can always develop a new strategy that will suit one's playing style the best. With that aspect cleared and taken care of, it is now time to tackle the specifications of the strategy itself.

The running game strategy in backgammon can be literally seen as the most straightforward of all of the strategies that can be done when playing the popular board game. This is because as the name of the strategy implies, one of main things that one will do when utilizing the said strategy is rushing one's pieces into one's inner part of the game board and off it.

The strategy of running game is best done when one first rolls the combination of 5 and six which will enable one's pieces to cover a lot of ground early on. The whole game then will be all about racing to one's inner board so that one can bear off one's pieces quickly This entails not making any contact with the enemy pieces that may hinder one's movement along the points in the board. This makes the running game strategy most effective when one has fewer pips than one's opponents and/or one's game pieces have already gone past the enemy's making one's winning chances when one engages in an all-out race to the finish very much promising.

The running game strategy of backgammon is a simple strategy to make use of as it simply espouses for a concentrated charge of one's pieces into the inner board which is simple enough and effective too, particularly if given the right situations.



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