Instructions on How to Play the Different Backgammon Variants

The game of backgammon may seem to be played only through one and only one way. This is the perception particularly of those that do not have that much of a background as far as the popular board game is concerned but it is perhaps best that such players, including those that are already familiar with the game but are still believing that there is only single way to enjoy the game, to be aware of the existence of other backgammon variants that can offer them different and distinct experiences in so far as enjoying the board game is concerned.

There are basically three variants of backgammon that the player of the game can choose from. These alternative ways of playing the popular board game are money play, chouettes, and match play variations. Each of them has their own unique features that make them variants that are very much distinct from each other.

In the money play variation of the game, each game that is played will be scored separately. One also plays the variant as long as one wants or until some other player wins the match. The player can also continue as long as there are still no doubles dropped. Most money play backgammon games are played on the Internet and it is best for one who intends to play the said variant to turn to the Internet as it is the main venue where most money play games are played.

Next to money play is the match play variant of backgammon. This alternate version of the game is basically played with an agreement between the two players regarding the fixed number of points that would serve as the finish line for the match as whoever reaches the number of points agreed upon first will be the winner. It would be beneficial for a serious player of backgammon to be familiar with this variant as its kind is the most widely used as far as tournaments of the popular board game go.

The last of three variants of the game is the chouette form of backgammon. This variant is generally considered as the social form of the game and is played with quite a number of players who will all play the game on a single board. Every player will play all the other players in this alternative way of enjoying the game.

Each of these three variants of backgammon has their own characteristics and features that make each of them great for players that seek to play the game in a particular flavor and light.



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