Instructions for Backgammon Board Setup

Backgammon may seem to be an unpretentious enough of a game since it has endeared itself to countless players all around the globe. In reality however, the game of backgammon is not as simple as it may seem as learning its game play and other aspects entails a lot of focus and effort. This does not connote that backgammon is devoid of any enjoyable aspect though; it only indicates that every of step of the game's learning process must taken by heart by those who are just to enter the world of backgammon.

A good case in point is the aspect of board setup in backgammon. Doing the game's board setup may be second nature to seasoned players of the game but it is a different case for those who are still new to the game as the process for setting up the board can be quite downright perplexing.

When practiced and done frequently, the board setup for the game will come off as a hassle-free task. To get to that level, one has to follow the following instructions regarding the board setup of backgammon.

The foremost thing to consider when setting up a backgammon board is the spot where the game board will be set. Since it is important for the game board to be level and flat, it is vital for one to position the game board on a spot that is also level and free from any bumps and uneven surfaces.

The other paraphernalia for the game must also be checked. Aside from the game board, it is necessary for one to check upon the chips to see if they are complete, meaning one has thirty at hand with fifteen chips in each color. Apart from the chips, the dice should also be accounted for. Some backgammon sets have 2 pairs of dice in them and one special cube that will serve as the doubling cube though most sets, especially the cheaper ones, only include a pair of dice and at sometimes no doubling cube.

Placing the chips on their right position is the most important part of the board setup process. To start placing the chips in their respective positions, one must first determine where one's home board is. Starting with the first triangular pattern, one will count from 1 going clockwise up to 24 which will be a triangular pattern on the home board of the opponent. The pattern numbered 24 will then be placed with two chips, the numbered 13 will be placed with five, three on the numbered 8, and five for the one numbered 6. This guideline is the uniform for both players.

Board setup for the game of backgammon may not be that simple but learning it will be a lot easier and stress-free if one focuses on its important aspects and learn the rules of the game that pertains to the process of setting up the game board.



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