Instructions for an Effective Holding Game Backgammon Strategy

Being a board game where players have a myriad of choices to choose from, it is but expected that backgammon can be played in as countless ways as well. This makes it crucial for players to find out which ones are the right paths to success as it is very much easy for one to be entangled with those that are only leading to certain perdition as far as the game of backgammon is concerned.

These 'right paths' can be seen as the winning strategies used in the popular board game. One of such styles of playing is the holding game strategy of backgammon, which is very much effective whether one is playing for money or just passing the time away

The main point of the holding game strategy is very much simple and it is easy enough even for newbie players of the game to understand. When using the holding game strategy, it is essential to remember that one of the main objectives of the said play is to establish a resilient foothold on the opposite side of the board, preferably on the opponent's inner board or bar point. It is important to note particularly for new players that having a 'foothold' on the opponent's side of the board entails having one or two anchor positions on that side and/or outfield points.

This principal feature of the holding game strategy makes it one of the best tactics to use when one is behind on the race for pipcounts. Other features that make the holding strategy of backgammon a distinct playing style are the positioning of the 'footholds' and the rest of one's checker pieces. This is because for the strategy to work, it is crucial that one's anchors and outpoints not to be behind a prime containing four checkers and for the rest of one's game pieces to be one the player's own segment of the board.

It is best that one knows the best points in the board for one's anchors and outfield points when employing the holding game strategy. Points that are located 'highly' on the opponent's side of the board are generally considered to be the better positions when utilizing this strategy but the most effective one when practicing a holding game is the 20 point position or the bar position. As such, the said points should be the focal points of one's movements as much as possible when applying the holding game strategy in a backgammon match.

The holding game strategy is a playing style complete with its own interesting features that set it clearly apart from all the other ways of playing the game. These make it a must-have component in the arsenal of those backgammon players worth their salt.



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